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Ayahuasca Retreats
Ayahuasca Retreats

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Reserve Your Retreat

Shamanic Apprenticeships

Shamanic Apprenticeships
Shamanic Apprenticeships


Welcome to Santuario Huishtin

Authentic Amazonian Plant Medicine Centre 

Santuario Huishtin means sanctuary of starlight.  Here at Santuario, the ancient visionary practices of Peruvian Vegetalismo (plant spirit shamanism) are preserved by Maestro shaman Santiago Enrrique Melendez Paredes. Working with a wide spectrum of powerful healing and teacher plants, the maestro and family at Santuario provide a safe and caring environment where you can reconnect with your primordial roots and explore the very depths of Self.

We offer personal shamanic retreats tailored to your needs: from shorter medicine retreats to plant intensives with specific dietas and shamanic apprenticeships. Set on a unique thermal river in virgin rainforest Amazonian rainforest outside of the city of Pucallpa, Santuario is pure magic!  Santuario Huishtin is an ideal place to experience the medicine for the first time or to commit to longer term work with other Amazonian teacher plants.

"WOW! Such a powerful shaman ! The Maestro and his family are so caring and loving people. They make you feel like at home. This place is magic and so beautiful!  Attilo, D.

"Santuario Healing provides a unique experience like no other! It is an otherworldly life changing experience set deep within the jungle near a boiling volcanic river."  Melanie, M.

“Amazing place! True healing can happen here!”  Rasa, C.

Visit us and experience something magical!

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