Staying at Santuario

Staying at Santuario


Accommodations, Food, and Staying at Santuario

Santuario is a space of peace and simplicity. This is the environment most needed to detoxify oneself from the stress, distractions, and complications of modern life. As mentioned, there is no electricity at Santuario and people are encouraged to avoid using electronic devices such ipods or or laptops. On the other hand, the analog practices of meditation, reading, writing, drawing, and dreaming are all very much encouraged and embraced as part of the healing process.

Visitors have their own room in a rustic cabaña (of bamboo and palm leaf thatch) with bed and mosquito netting. Couples has separate quarters due to the very personal healing process. There is basic plumbing at Santuario as well as ecological toilets and a bathhouse with water collected from the thermal river. There are also natural pools in which to bathe and refresh yourself. You’ll be surprised how immediately you adapt to these natural surroundings.

Food offered at the Santuario complies with the traditional shamanic dieta.  The traditional cleansing dieta is a very simple bland diet comprising of boiled rice or potato, grilled or boiled plantains, eggs, plain rice and fresh fish or chicken (when available) and some vegetables and herbal teas. Condiments are not usually offered (salt, pepper, spices, etc) as the purpose of the diet is to clean and the body and prepare it for the medicine. However, if you have some specific food requirements, we will do our best to accommodate you.

For more information about special diets working with the medicine, please see the following page The Shamanic Dieta.


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