steaming rocks in the thermal river outside of Santuario
Steaming rocks in the thermal river "Shanay-timpiska" outside of Santuario




Santuario Huishtin

Sanctuary of Stars...

Santuario Huishtin is a traditional Amazonian plant medicine center located on the Pachitea river in the Upper Amazon rainforest in Peru. It is here where one can begin a journey into total mind/body health and personal awakening. Set amongst the ancestral medicine trees in the Amazon rainforest and against a backdrop of a boiling volcanic river,  the Shanay-timpiska, Santuario is a center of dreaming, healing and detoxification, where one can restore oneself to a level of peaceful mindfulness in nature and recover one's vitality away from the stress and innervation of modern life in the city.

Here, under the guidance of the gifted Maestro Santiago Enrrique Paredes Melendez, a master curandero (healer) and vegetalista (plant spirit shaman) with over thirty years experience in traditional plant medicine, you will have a very personalized experience with plant diets of flexible duration depending on your needs. Personal retreats can be as short as one week or extend for months in duration. Particularly suited to the experienced traveler looking for an authentic Amazonian experience, Santuario is an ideal place to a longer concentrated study with the plants. 

**Please note that Spanish is the principal language amongst the staff at Santuario. We have translators available at request.



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