12 Day Ajo Sacha Power Retreat

Ajo Sacha Visionary Medicine Retreat

Experience the revolutionary power of ancient teacher plant, Ajo Sacha at our magical rainforest center, Santuario Huishtin! During our 12 Day Power Retreat, you will not only experience a traditional dieta with ajo sacha, you will also participate in ayahuasca ceremonies! The synergistic combination of these two dietas is truly powerful as working with ajo sacha will also intensify your ayahuasca ceremonies as well as cleanse, protect, and strengthen the body and mind!

ajo sacha
Ajo Sacha is a flowering vine that thrives at Santuario, distinctive for its gorgeous purple flowers and the distinctive garlic aroma of its leaves and roots.

Stalking Your Highest Potential with Ajo Sacha

Considered the “opener of the way” in Amazonian shamanic tradition, ajo sacha (Masoa alliacea) is a much respected plant teacher that is used in many contexts: as a tonic, in floral baths, and as an admixture in the ayahuasca brew. As a teacher plant, ajo sacha has untold gifts. Used by indigenous communities for centuries against saladera (a run of bad luck), ajo sacha is believed to banish negative energy from the mind and body. It was also used for hunters hoping to refine their senses in tracking prey. One of its greatest gifts of is enabling you to stalk (hunt down the things you really what you really want in life).   Ajo sacha also fortifies the body, and will, leading to greater self-confidence in the face of adversity.

 ajo sacha
Maestro Santiago Enrrique prepares medicine with ajo sacha by first scraping the soft outer layer of the roots. He will then mix it will water and strain the scraping to make a powerful tonic.

Ajo Sacha and Dreaming

One of the most amazing things about ajo sacha is how it teaches through dreams. Dreams with ajo sacha are always very instructive,  vivid, and memorable. Worked with in conjunction to ayahuasca, you will receive great clarity and sense of purpose.  Ajo sacha intensifies ayahuasca visions while protecting from invading negative forces.  Ajo sacha is a visionary plant, it assists you in building your self confidence and will power while showing you the way to make your intentions manifest. It is a plant that can be worked with safely and continuously. It is supportive to all systems of the body. A retreat with ajo sacha will leave you empowered in mind, body, and spirit!

12 Day Ajo Sacha Power Retreat:  $1199 USD. 

Includes all medicines, ceremonies, food, and accommodations.

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