New! Arkana Peru Travel Intensives

Arkana Peru Travel Intensives

NEW!  Enchanted Earth Travel Intensives 

Sacred Journeys to the Heart of the Amazon!

Starting September 3rd, 2016!

Santuario teams with Arkana Peru to offer Enchanted Earth tours, a revolution in “conscious travel,” where travellers can deeply immerse themselves in local culture, learn ancient indigenous beliefs and practices, have deeply transformative personal experiences, and give back in meaningful ways to host communities while doing it. Led by Angela O’Hara, professor of Communication and Culture and shamanic coach in collaboration with Santuario Huistin and partner artists and organizations, these new eight-day “intensives” are guaranteed to be life changing!

Enchanted Earth

Enchanted Earth Shamanic Medicine Intensive

September 3rd-11th!

 $1650.00 + $300 USD registration** (Must be received by the end June, 2016)  Register

  • Connect with your inner shaman in mysterious world of Amazonian vegetalismo (plant spirit shamanism) at magical traditional plant medicine centre, Santuario Huistin.
  • Take ecological treks into the virgin rainforest to identify and harvest medicinal plants and visit the boiling river, Shanay-timpiska, en ecological wonder of the world!
  • Participate in powerful shamanic ceremonies and experience a dieta with Amazonian teacher plants.
  • Take a boat excursion on the Ucayali River to visit the Shipibo-Conibo village of San Francisco and learn about indigenous cosmology and culture.  
  • Finally, volunteer and learn on a local community permaculture project with the Shipibo-Conibo Community in Yarina Coche with a partner NGO.
  • All meals, ceremonies, and excursion related travel and translation is included. Price based on a single occupancy.

enchanted earth

Enchanted Earth Visionary Art Immersion

September 17th-25th

 $1650.00 + $300 USD registration** (Must be received by the end June, 2016)  Register

  • Flex your creative powers on a painting vision quest in the rainforest with well known visionary artists.
  • Visit artists’ studios and art schools such as the famous Usko-Ayar School of Amazonian painting in Pucallpa, founded by the famous artist/shaman Pablo Amaringo.
  • Travel by boat on the Ucayali and spend a day and night at the Shipibo village of San Francisco learning the ancient tradition of hand-built ceramics and tapestry painting.
  • Then travel to the rainforest to Santuario Huistin where you will work with visionary plant medicines that boost dreaming and creativity.
  • Finally, participate at a local community art project in the village of Honoria.

Arkana Peru Visionary Art

Arkana Peru!   Build> Create> Participate!  

Coming Soon!

Be a founding builder in the construction of the Arkana Peru Center for Creativity and Cultural Innovation.  Arkana is a nonprofit, artists’ run cultural organization that is breaking ground this August 2016. You can play a vital role in the development of this unique organization that seeks to support the growth of local and indigenous art practices in Pucallpa and the surrounding region. During this intensive you will experience a little bit of everything: from plant medicine to Amazonian culture and art, to ecological tours of the Pachitea river, to learning about traditional building techniques and helping get Arkana off the ground! There will be a number of ongoing projects at the center such as building, groundwork and working in our permaculture gardens.

ArKana Peru Build

**Please contact us to find out more about these exciting intensives and the upcoming summer schedule.

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