Arkana Peru Workshops

Arkana Peru workshops

Arkana Peru Workshops at Santuario Huistin!

Workshop Schedule to be continued Spring 2017!  (Dates TBA)

Last July, 2016, was the inaugural launch of our Enchanted Earth series at Santuario Huistin!  A great success, our workshops explored fascinating themes related to the art, culture, and life of the Peruvian Amazon with the knowledge and expertise of visiting artists, professors and experts on these subjects. 

Botanical Drawing and Plant Medicine Safari:

Join us with Maestro Santiago Enrrique Melendez for a fascinating afternoon of ecological exploration and art at Santuario Huistin! Learn to identify important medicinal plants and powerful medicinal trees and receive instruction by Amazonian botanical and visionary artist, Mauro Reatigue Perez. (Please bring sketchbooks and favourite art supplies). 

Arkana peru

Shipibo-Conibo Art and Cosmovisions Workshop:

In this workshop, you will learn about ancient Shipibo-Conibo art practices and cosmovision.  Enjoy a fascinating introduction to Shipibo hand built ceramic and mysterious world of quene design painting with Shipiba artesan, Gloria Amusifuen and family and create your own quene designs on provided hand thrown pottery. Finally, you will have an opportunity to purchase Shipibo ceramics made by the family as well as the famous Shipibo embroidery. (You may wish to bring a little extra money to buy gifts to bring home).

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Vegetalismo Medicinal Plant Preparation Workshops:

Learn about the mysterious world of Vegetalismo (plant spirit shamanism) and Amazonian medicinal plants! In this hands-on workshop, you will learn both how to identify and prepare 6 different traditional plant medicines under the tutelage of master vegetalista, Santiago Enrrique Paredes Melendez. Discover medicines that rid the body of parasites, heal broken bones, alleviate depression, cure the common cold to amazing power plants that are used to traditionally to fight cancer and diabetes. 

Santuario Huistin

Visionary Arts Workshop:

Join Professor and shamanic coach, Angela O’Hara, on a creative vision quest in the rainforest to connect with your creative spirit guides and learn about the role of Amazonian plants medicines in developing creativity. From your revelations on that journey, develop your own unique visionary work in the form of a painting, drawing, piece of writing or music or in any form you like! In addition, you will learn about the use and mysterious workings of “mesas” or shamanic alters, participate in a creative “soul” retrieval or guided dream journey, and learn how to be more discerning in your visionary creative practice.

This workshop is specifically designed for chose who wish to develop and enrich their own creative process with shamanic techniques and rituals inspired by a diverse realm of indigenous practices and knowledges.

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