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Planning Your Ayahuasca Retreat

Whether you are embarking on a new journey or continuing along on your medicine path, your ayahuasca retreat at Santuario Huishtin will be memorable and long lasting. The revolutionary power of Ayahuasca and allied plant teachers under the wise guidance of maestro Santiago Enrrique, the loving energy of his wife Ayme, and family combined with the profound tranquility of the rainforest and the thermal river will be deeply transformative and accompany you to your final days.

At Santuario Huishtin, we are committed to offering you an ayahuasca retreat at a reasonable price but with maximum benefits. Santuario is a traditional, family-run center that is intimately focused on working with the plants in the Vegetalismo tradition. Ceremonies are generally small in attendance (10-15 people maximum). Pricing is modest compared to many ayahuasca retreat centres and importantly includes work other Amazonian plant medicines. The type of plant dietas offered with ayahuasca will depend on your length of stay and what the maestro deems best. 

Pricing and Planning

Our Day Rate is 77 USD plus a 115 USD registration fee per person.

Please go to our Reservation page for complete details on pricing and reserving your retreat:

Reserve Your Retreat

Ayahuasca retreat ceremonies generally take place 3 evenings per week (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays).  The pricing is set as a day rate enabling you to be flexible with your retreat design.  

All medicines, food, and accommodations are included in the price. Please note, prices do not include airfare or travel to Santuario or within Peru.  Unless otherwise specified, all retreats focus on working with Ayahuasca in cooperation with other Amazonian plant medicines that are decided by the maestro on a case by case basis.

Personal Medicine Retreats are very flexible and may last a week or involve a three month commitment to total healing.  We are here to help you to organize the best and most personalized experience possible. Please note that though you can choose your dates, it is preferred that you decide on your retreat length before arriving at Santuario. We like to plan for your optimal retreat experience.

5 Day Ayahuasca Initiations 

For an introduction, we recommend at least a 5 day Ayahuasca Retreat (3 ceremonies) beginning on a Monday and finishing on a Saturday. This is an excellent time to become initiated in the experience of working with the medicine. This can open a door to a lifelong journey of transformation and healing on this magical pathway. With five ceremonies, it is possible to achieve incredible healing and you can surely begin to understand your personal goals and challenges.

12 Day Medicine Retreats 

Our 12 Day Medicine Retreat involves six transformational ayahuasca ceremonies and a cleansing dieta with another powerful Amazonian plant (to be determined by the maestro). Not only do you benefit from the power of the vine but also receive an introduction into the potential of other Amazonian plant teachers. In addition to cleansing, detoxifying and strengthening the body and mind, these plants have the power to teach and shape consciousness in unexpected and lasting ways.

Of course the longer you can spend with the medicine, the deeper the work you can do. Please note that if you are working with specific health or addiction issues, you may need to commit to a longer plan of healing.

Month-long Immersions: Highly recommended!  

A month long Shamanic retreat is definitely recommended if you can spare the time to devote yourself to your healing work as you can reach much deeper levels of understanding and can achieve a more complete detoxification than would be possible in the shorter retreats. In a month, you may be able to move to the root of deeper underlying issues and address a strategy for future healing and recovery.

Three Month Intensive Shamanic Healing Programs    

This program follows the general plan of the  shorter retreats but offers an opportunity to customize your healing treatment plan with more intensive dietas with other powerful  plant teachers.  The benefits of working intimately with other Amazonian teacher plants are lifelong and powerful. Each plant brings with it its own lesson and healing. During this period of time, is possible to undo some of the damage that has been suffered in the body and mind over many years, even addressing traumas and unhealthy patterns that extend back to childhood.

Plant Dietas

Santuario is fast becoming recognized as an ideal place to commit to longer and deeper explorations into the plant teachings. Some dieteros spend up to six months or longer dieting in the rainforest to receive the guidance and instruction from ayahuasca and other master plants. The rainforest is full of teacher plants that both heal and empower the mind, body, and spirit in mysterious ways. It is possible to do plant dietas as individual retreats or a succession of plant dietas either with or without ayahuasca. Amongst the most common dietas are with chiric sanango, renaquilla, renaco, bobinsana, ajo sacha, uchu sanango, pinon blanco, mocura, amongst many others. Lengths of dietas are determined by the maestro and are priced the same as an ayahuasca retreat. Please see this page for more information on Teacher Plants.


Tambo is the ultimate dieting experience. Individuals may also choose to diet in a tamboa solitary hut in the jungle, where one can enjoy complete solitude to work on one’s healing while having regular ceremonies and consultations with the Maestro. In this environment, it is possible to realign one’s body and mind back into the rhythms of nature and detoxify  from the stress and anxiety of life in the city. In tambo, it is possible to immerse oneself in the energy of the rainforest and open to the knowledge and benefits of the plant teacher

ayahuasca retreat
Receiving energy from the Yakumama, the spirit of the boiling river, Shanay-timpiska

 The Results

Please be advised that work with Amazonian plant medicines, while being transformative, is also experimental and the end results can not be guaranteed. As a participatory medicine, much depends on your commitment to your healing during your ayahuasca retreat and when you return home. It is recommended that you continue with a programme of healing at home that involves a nourishing clean diet and supportive habits, proper rest and, optimally, a mind-body practice with plenty of time for reflection. 


Counselling or coaching with a knowledgable practitioner who is familiar with this medicine path is very important, both in the preparation and  early “integration” phases. This holistic approach will advance and accelerate your healing process manifold. Please consult our coaching page for more information on how to prepare for your retreat:

Creative Fire Retreat Coaching

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