Bobinsana Visionary Medicine Retreat


Bobinsana Visionary Medicine Retreat

Have a powerful heart opening experience with visionary plant medicine, Bobinsana, at our magical rainforest center, Santuario Huishtin! During our 12 Day Power Retreat, you will not only experience a traditional dieta with bobinsana, you will also participate in ayahuasca ceremonies! Bobinsana is known for its ability to enhance empathy, compassion, clarity, and concentration! All our 12 Twelve Day Visionary Medicine Retreats are safe for the person wanting to experience a plant dieta for the first time.

12 Day Bobinsana Medicine Retreat $1199 USD. 

Includes all medicines, ceremonies, food, and accommodations.

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Bobinsana (Calliandra angustifolia)

Bobinsana is a shrubby water loving relative of the mimosa shrub with beautiful feathery flowers while in bloom. While not considered hallucinogenic, it does contain harmala alkaloids and is often used as an admixture in Ayahuasca and is on its own regarded as an important teacher plant. In fact, Bobinsana can induce lucid and colourful dreams. For this reason, it is considered a visionary plant that can enhance meditation, self awareness, and visionary focus.

The Shipibo-Conibo Indians in the Ucayali area of Peru call the tree semein and prepare a bark tincture for rheumatism, arthritis, colds, uterine disorders, and edema (water retention). According to Raintree, it has been used also as a treatment for uterine cancer. 

Bobinsana and the Heart 

Mourning or suffering from a broken heart? The loving spirit of this Bobinsana is becoming sought after for its ability to heal past traumas in relationships. It has also been reported to also increase empathy and connection. A blood cleanser and anti-inflammatory, it acts directly on the nervous system, stabilizing the mind and body and aiding recovery of stressful or traumatic events.

To learn more about Bobinsana’s healing properties, refer to the Tropical Rainforest Database:

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