Creative Fire Coaching Philosophy

angela o'hara

A Little About Creative Fire…

For the last thirty years I have traveled and studied the indigenous wisdom of many countries including Ireland, Canada, Mexico, and over the last seven years, the Peruvian Upper Amazon. In many ways this can be interpreted as a long apprenticeship in the mysterious origins of “human nature” and its potential. The practices and approach of Creative Fire Coaching is grounded in commonalities of Earth-based “magical” belief systems and practices across the world. In each culture I studied, there was a pre-Christian technology of manifesting reality through visionary practices and communication with Nature and the cosmos. One of the greatest gifts I have received is the awareness of the power of the human imagination to actualize real events. Working with the creative imagination is the principal way that I help others to heal and self-actualize themselves in the world.

As Above so Below

Hermes Trismegistus’ maxim is a central pillar in my practice. The principal that our actions (microcosmic) are influential on a macrocosmic level and visa versa under writes the mechanics of rituals and path-working as a whole. To feel the truth in this one must believe in the presence of unseen forces that can support or block your will. Learning how to connect and work in synergy with these forces is part of the learning process. The more attuned we are as operators, the more effective the results of our practices.

as above so

The Power of Personal Knowing

Our belief system can be cultivated. It is a tree in a constant state of growth. First comes experience from learning to navigate our inner worlds. The magician develops perspective in order to separate themselves from dogma and fantasy and create a unified vision of their world. In my perspective, knowing is revelatory, accessed through direct experience in nature, in the body, and through visions, intuitions and insights. Knowledge comes from self-awareness and observation of the outside world. It is a movement that is both outward and inward.

Balance and Well-being

 A primordial symbol that has appeared in almost every ancient culture in some form is the Sun wheel. The sun wheel is a metaphorical representation of the sun as primal energy. Often the sun wheel is intersected with lines that reference the four cardinal directions. These directions have also many sets of correspondences, depending on the culture, such as elements, psychographic qualities, totems, and so on. The wheel exemplifies the underlying importance of balance and integrity within the self (microscosm) in relation to the cosmos (macrocosm). Imbalances in the wheel lead to illness and dis-ease.

 Sun wheel

angela o'hara


The practices we work with are pure fuel for the creative imagination. The ability to focus your imagination for magical intent is the very same ability used in creative practices. The difference is that you will learn to broaden your creative vision to see the many meaningful applications of your creative work in the future and have the discipline to put it into practice!

 Important themes in Creative Fire Coaching:

  • Cultivation of imagination as an applied art.
  • Demiurgy or world making (the ability to create your own beliefs and shape your vision of the world you want)
  • The value of connection to nature for greater knowledge and well-being
  • Intuition as Higher Self.
  • Development of personal value system, personal responsibility and self leadership.
  • Learning how to build, conserve and shift energy
  • Creative expression as expression of life force energy
  • Childhood as a source of authenticity and knowing
  • The body as a locus of knowledge
  • Integration of opposites including “dark” and light sides.
  • The power of living archetypes

Visionary and path-working practices:

Guided meditations and visualizations, recapitulation (memory), journeywork and recapitulations, conjury, prayer, mesa, sun wheels, and alters, rituals, working with dreams, sigils, creative practices, teacher plants.

Creative Fire First Steps

Most people who embark on a coaching journey wither wish to release something unneeded in their life and/or invite something new. The first step of this process is Clearing and Releasing. This needs to happen on multiple levels. Questions you can begin to ask yourself are:

  1. Is there any unfinished business you need to lay to rest?
  2. Are there any remaining resentment, anger, or grief still living in your heart from your past?
  3. What is the condition of your body and general health and well-being?
  4. How is the condition of your mental state?
  5. What is the state of your living space? Are there things that you no longer need that you can clear?
  6. Do you work allow you free time to invite new projects and interests in your life?

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