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shamanic coachingWelcome to the coaching programme page!

Below you will find descriptions to three different coaching programme. You can register by pressing the word “register” which will bring you to a registration page. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. Looking forward to working with you!


Medicine Preparation and Integration Programme

Medicine Preparation Programme

Get the most from your retreat by doing a six week Medicine Preparation programme! Prepare your mind, body, and spirit through clarifying goals and strengthening self awareness so you get the full benefits when you work with the plant teachers.

Integration coaching Programme

Accelerate your integration process with a six week Integration coaching package!  Ground and reorient yourself post retreat and focus on implementing the most significant teachings you received from your retreat to actualize powerful change in your life for the better. 

Weekly sessions for 95 USD.  Register


Creative Freedom Programme

(for creatives who want to realize their full potential in their lives and work).  

This programme is designed for creatives who are working to overcome creative blocks and achieve personal and professional goals in their creative life. This can be done alone or in tandem with a plant medicine retreat.

Weekly sessions for 6 weeks.   Register

Price:   95 USD per individual session or 480 USD for a package of 6. 


Dieta Suave with Ajo Sacha

Preparing for an ayahuasca dieta or want to continue your journey with Amazonian plants at home? Work with the powerful dream teacher Ajo Sacha   and integrate the magic into your daily life! 

Considered the “opener of the way” in the shamanic tradition, ajo sacha strengthens your dreaming and develops your will and determination to overcome the greatest challenges while preparing for a retreat, integrating teachings post dieta, or simply beginning a journey safely working with the magic of Amazonian plant teachers at home.

Weekly sessions for 6 weeks .  Register

Price:   95 USD for an introductory session  or 480 USD for a package of 6 sessions.

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