Five Day Visionary Art and Medicine Expedition

Take a fascinating exploration of the arts and culture of the Upper Amazon on this magical, action packed expedition with a visionary artist as your guide!

In this Five Day Visionary Art and Medicine Expedition:

  • Spend three days in the tranquil rainforest around the boiling river at Santuario Huishtin!
  • Expand Your consciousness with  two transformative ayahuasca medicine ceremonies. 
  • Fire your imagination with painting classes with a renowned visionary artist!
  • Embark on a fascinating botanical hike with Maestro Enrrique Santiago, to see medicinal plants and trees in the rainforest and around the famous boiling river.
  • Experience the magical Ucayali river, the heartland of the Shipibo Conibo people, to visit the Shipibo community of San Francisco, famed for their highly distinctive ceramics and embroidery.
  • Discover Usko-Ayar Amazonian School of Painting that was founded by the late Pablo Amaringo, a famous visionary artist and shaman.
  • Connect with local Amazonian artists and visit the art studios of some of Pablo’s most well known students and take away a unique souvenir!

**Food and accommodation is included in the time spent at Santuario but is not covered in Pucallpa. Departs Mondays and Wednesdays at 9am from Pucallpa. Discounts offered for groups. Airport pick-up optional.


Programme Price: $895 USD + $115 USD registration. 

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visionary art
Learn visionary art painting techniques with a renowned local visionary artist!
santuario healing santuario hustin eco tours
Take river trips on three separate Amazonian rivers!  
boiling river
Including the boiling river Shanay-timpiska, a natural world wonder!
Experience two powerful ceremonies with the visionary plant, ayahuasca, at Santuario Huishtin!
shamanic apprenticeship
Take a botanical walk through the ancient primeval rainforest around Santuario to see medicinal plants and trees with Maestro Santiago Enrrique, experienced vegetalista of Santuario.
shipibo conibo
Visit the artisanal studios of Shipibo artists at San Francisco to learn about the mysterious quene designs.
visionary art
Visit the home studios of local visionary artists such as Dimas Paredes Armas and Mauro Reatigue Perez!
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