Important Information

Important Information 


It is recommended that you get an appointment with a travel doctor for advice with regards to travel vaccinations in Peru. There are no required inoculations required for visiting Peru other than the Yellow Fever vaccine (in specific countries including Canada). Though the region around Santuario is not a noted malarial zone, there can always been some risk, no matter how small so taking malaria meditations are up to your discretion. During the wet season (November-April) there are more insects so extra precautions should be taken to avoid illness such as Dengue Fever and malaria.

**It is important to note that if you are unfortunate enough to get malaria, it is easily treated in Pucallpa.

Hospitals and Medication

The closest medical doctors are in Honoria and the closest hospitals are in the city of Pucallpa. You are responsible for bringing whatever necessary medications or naturopathic remedies with you upon arrival. Note that many prescription medicines may counteract with Amazonian plant medicines. It is recommended that you cease usage of prescription medicines and herbal remedies at least two weeks in advance of your retreat. Most vitamins and food supplements are not considered a problem.

boarding at Honoria
Boarding the boat at Honoria to go to the land at Santuario Huistin



Standards of hygeine in Peru maybe different than what you can expect at home. It is recommended that when in Pucallpa and traveling in the region that you drink bottled water and avoid eating food or juices prepared on the street. All fruits should be cleaned thoroughly before eating with purified water. Tap water is not considered drinkable by most locals in Peru and is usually boiled before being consumed. At Santuario, all the water is drawn from the thermal river which reaches a boiling point of 98C  in places. It is than boiled again and /or passed through a “Berkey” filtration system.  During the wet season, it is advisable to drink watered that has been boiled (as tea) or passed through a filtration system as an extra precaution. There are many excellent all-in-one travel filtration systems that can be bought in stores or online. There are also the highly portable “steripens” that zap the microbes with UV light and tablets that you just dissolve into your water bottle.

Check the link below for some options:

Best backpacking water filters and purifiers


Travel Information

Visitors must first travel to Lima and obtain a connecting flight to the Upper Amazon city of Pucallpa. For the best value, we have found using the airlines Star Peru and Peruvian airlines. Tickets can be bought online or at Lima airport at one of the airline desks. It is recommended that you purchase tickets early to receive the best prices and availability. Note, that it is best to reserve an early flight from Lima to Pucallpa if you want to arrive at Santuario that day. It takes up to four-five hours for the journey without delays on the road and it is necessary to arrive before nightfall in the port town of Honoria before making your boat ride and trek by foot to Santuario.

Star Peru

Peruvian Airlines

Steamy view of Santuario Huistin









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