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At Santuario Huishtin, we care about your experience and the long term effects of working with Amazonian plant medicines. Working with transformative plant teachers such as ayahuasca can be catalytic and can instigate profound changes in your life. In many ways, the work you do after you return home, when your mind is the most sensitive, is the most important and longest lasting. Few people realize how powerful the effects of plants medicines are–or the potential detrimental effects they can have when you are not attentive after you return home.  Integration of plant medicine experiences is the most important phase in your medicine work. Such things as taking careful attention to diet, to grounding your energy and providing a nurturing healing space are some important first considerations. Emotional stress and physical toxins in food and environment can dramatically work against your healing progress and even make you feel worse than before. Often when people return home after retreat, the feeling is elation and optimism. They feel full of energy and wanting to change the world. These are wonderful feelings. However these feelings can quickly wear off again if steps are not taken to make productive changes in your life and routines.

A very important ingredient in a successful integration plan is consulting with someone who has experience and who can guide you in your process. With the aid of a caring and understanding integration coach, you can make leaps in bounds in your healing goals and really set about the make the necessary changes that is needed in your life without unnecessary suffering!

Contact us for an informal free session with Angela O’Hara, shamanic coach.

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