Maestro Santiago Enrrique Melendez and Family

Maestro Santiago Enrrique Paredes Melendez and family

Santuario Huishtin is the home and lifelong passion of Maestro curandero and vegetalista (plant spirit shaman), Santiago Enrrique Paredes Melendez and his family.  For over thirty years Maestro Santiago Enrrique Paredes Melendez has studied the many plants, vines, and trees of the forest in the tradition of Vegetalismo, the ancestral knowledge of his indigenous forbearers. Of Cocama descent, he has apprenticed many great indigenous healers of the region from, Shipibo to Ashaninka, beginning from a young age when he was able to cure his mother's illness with plants. Since then, Santiago Enrrique has developed a profound intuition and knowledge of the medicinal properties of a vast number of plants of the rainforest and how to cure a wide variety of maladies: both physical and spiritual in nature. Maestro Santiago has also developed a reputation for his teaching and has taught many apprentices of all backgrounds. Due to the unique and powerful energy of the boiling river and ancient rainforest, Santuario is an excellent place to delve into the deeper mysteries of plant spirit shamanism and commit to longer term dietas. Whether international travellers or local villagers, there is a constant flow of visitors to Santuario to seek healing and teaching from the Maestro.

His wife and partner, Ayme, is also a curandera in her own right. The mother of three young children, Ayme divides her time between Santuario and the nearby village of Honoria where they go to school. However she is dedicated in her attendance to the Friday ceremonies when her intoxicating voice and powerful feminine presence.

Follow this link to experience one of Ayme's haunting icaros.

At Santuario Huishtin, it takes a big family to run a traditional healing center and all of the Maestro's brothers and their wives and children play an important part. Brother Hegner is also a talented shaman and brother Belasario is a great ayahuasquero and responsible for the preparation of Santuario's famously potent brew. Hinder is a carpenter and woodsman and involved of much of the construction at Santuario. Whether it is collecting and preparing plant medicines, facilitating ceremonies, or expanding the center itself, everyone plays an important part and contributes to the warm and welcoming atmosphere at Santuario Huishtin.

Maestro Santiago Enrrique Melendez
Maestro Santiago Enrrique Melendez with the grand maestro of teacher trees, the Lapuna Blanca.


santuario huistin
Maestro Santiago Enrrique and his brother Egner and nephew and apprentice, Wagner, who is now a curandero in his own right and owner of his own healing center,
El Ojo de la Luna.
Santuario Huistin
Maestro Santiago Enrrique Melendez and wife and curandera, Ayme
Santuario Huistin
The Maestro and Ayme with two of their adorable kids: Harmony and Paulina
ajo sacha santuario Huistin
Santiago Enrrique harvesting an ajo sacha plant with his small son, Enrriquito.

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