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How many times are there Ayahuasca ceremonies during the week?

Ceremonies generally run three times per week: Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays.

How many people usually attend ceremony?

Usually there is a maximum of 20 people people that attend ceremony at any given evening. The maestro also treats locals from surrounding villages so they also make up the occupancy.

Will I have to share my room with others or do we each get our own separate room?

At Santuario, everyone is given their own private space in a cabana.

Can I share a room with my partner?

It’s not advisable to share your personal accommodations with your partner as isolation and separation from emotional and psychological influences is required for healing with plant medicines.

I will be menstruating while at Santuario. Can I attend ceremony?

The maestro does not see menstruation as a reason to not attend ceremony.

Is Maestro Ennrique available all times?

Either the maestro or one of his family members or apprentices are on site all the time. Santuario is also the maestro’s home and it is run by his family. The Maestro is usually present at all ceremonies. If for some reason, there is a family emergency, he may be called away. In these cases, he has an apprentice of family member take over in ceremony.

Is there a female healer attending ceremony?

The maestro’s wife, Ayme, is also a curandera and attends ceremony regularly. However, she does have small children that prevent her from attending every ceremony.

How isolated and peaceful are your accommodations?

Santuario is set in virgin Amazon rainforest. The surroundings are peaceful but not completely isolated. The village of Honoria is not far away. Pucallpa is 2.5 hours by road from Honoria.

I don’t speak much Spanish.  Is that going to be an issue?

The Maestro understands some English but there are translators available at your request. Most people retain a translator for the first day or two. I really recommend developing your Spanish to a basic degree if you plan to travel in Peru. It can be one of the things you do here, as well, during your dieta.

Are there any animals at Santuario?

The center is situated in the forest but not in deep forest so sitings of wild animals such as the shy jaguar are highly unusual.  There are monkeys and wild pigs and other small animals. There are many types of birds and insects. One will encounter the occasional tarantula but they are harmless if you don’t interfere with them. Always check your boots in the morning and your room for unwanted visitors such as insects. Wear boots walking in the jungle to avoid contact with snakes.

Once I come to Santuario, is it possible to extend my retreat?

The maestro prefers you book for the period of time you wish to stay.  However, if you think you may like to stay longer, it is recommended you mention this possibility to the maestro from the beginning. He is very accommodating in most situations.

Is there internet available?

There is no internet or electricity at Santuario. However, there is an internet cafe in Honoria.

Can I get a reduction in price if I stay longer than a month?

Please inquire.




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