Two Day Rainforest Adventures

rainforest tour

Two Days to Visit Some of the Most Exciting Rainforest in the Upper Amazon!

Embark on an exciting adventure to visit Santuario Healing Center, a traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine Center set on a natural wonder of the world, a boiling river!

During this outing, you will be escorted by our expert guidel through country roads, along beautiful Amazonian river ways, and hike through rainforest to visit  a secluded shamanic plant medicine center, Santuario Huishtin (Sanctuary of the Stars) set on the famous Boiling River of the Amazon, the Shanay-timpiska! Relax in the serene beauty of this magical place and experience some of the most ancient forest and fascinating flora and fauna. Here you will spend the night and even have the opportunity to participate in a transformative shamanic ceremony, if you choose (drinking the medicine is optional). **

Ceremony attendance is optional and must be booked for a Monday, Wednesday or Friday in accordance with out ceremony schedule. 

**Guide, translation and one night’s accommodation and evening meal and breakfast are included in the price.

Reserve Now! Programme Price: $295

Good deductions given for groups! Please inquire.

Reserve Your Retreat
boiling river
Visit the famous boiling river of the Amazon, a wonder of the world, the Shanay-timpiska!
Relax in the profound tranquility of Santuario Huishtin, traditional plant medicine center.
Participate in a shamanic ceremony with experienced vegetalista, Santiago Enrrique Melendez and family
amazon monkey
Discover amazing wildlife like this wooly monkey!
boiling river
Take a fascinating rainforest hike to learn more about the river and medicinal plants.

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