Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading


The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge – Jeremy Narby

The Psychotropic Mind: The World according to Ayahuasca, Iboga, and Shamanism – Jeremy Narby, Jan Kounen and Vincent Ravalec

Supernatural : Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind – Graham Hancock

Food of the Gods: A Radical History of Plants, Drugs, and Human Evolution – Terence McKenna

Ayahuasca: Hallucinogens, Consciousness, and the Spirit of Nature – Ralph Metzner

Sacred Vine of Spirits: Ayahuasca – Ralph Metzner

Human Consciousness and the Spirits of Nature – Ralph Metzner

The Green Labyrinth : Exploring the Mysteries of the Amazon – Sylvia Fraser

Three Halves of Ino Moxo : Teachings of the Wizard of the Upper Amazon – César Calvo

Rio Tigre and Beyond : The Amazon Jungle Medicine of Manuel Córdova – Bruce Lamb

Wizard of the Upper Amazon – Bruce Lamb.

Visionary Plant Consciousness: The Shamanic Teachings of the Plant World – J. P. Harpignies

Vegetalismo: Shamanism among the Mestizo Population of the Peruvian Amazon – Luis Eduardo Luna

Ayahuasca Visions: The Religious Iconography of A Peruvian Shaman – Luis Eduardo Luna & Pablo Amaringo

Ayahuasca Reader: Encounters with the Amazon’s Sacred Vine – Luis Eduardo Luna

Ayahuasca Analogues: Pangæan Entheogens – Jonathan Ott

The World Is As You Dream It: Shamanic Teachings from the Amazon and Andes – John Perkins

Forest of Visions: Ayahuasca, Amazonian Spirituality, and the Santo Daime Tradition- Alex Polari de Alverga

Vine of the Soul: Medicine Men, Their Plants and Rituals in the Colombian Amazonia – Richard Evans Schultes & Robert F. Raffauf

The Antipodes of the Mind: Charting the Phenomenology of the Ayahuasca Experience – Benny Shannon

DMT: The Spirit Molecule: A Doctor’s Revolutionary Research into the Biology of Near-Death and Mystical Experiences – Rick Strassman

Inner Paths to Outer Space: Journeys to Alien Worlds through Psychedelics – Rick Strassman

Shamanism, Colonialism, and the Wild Man: A Study in Terror and Healing – Michael Taussig

Ayahuasca: The Visionary and Healing Powers of the Vine of the Soul – Joan Parisi Wilcox

Andrew Weil – The Marriage of the Sun and the Moon

Rational Mysticism – John Horgan

Heavenly Highs: Ayahuasca, Kava-Kava, DMT, and Other Plants of the Gods – Peter Stafford

Psychedelic Healing: The Promise of Entheogens for Psychotherapy – Neal M. Goldsmith Ph.D.

A Book of Re-Membering: Lessons in Death and Rebirth with Ayahuasca – B. M. B.

Vanishing Amazon – Mirella Ricciardi

The Four Winds: A Shaman’s Odyssey into the Amazon – Alberto Villoldo

Jaguar that Roams the Mind: An Amazonian Plant Spirit Odyssey – Robert Tindall

Fishers of Men – Adam Elenbaas

More Reading 

Intelligence in Nature – Jeremy Narby

The Global Forest – Diana Beresford – Kroeger

Ringing Cedars Series – Vladmir Megre

Ancient Medicine for a New Millennium – Stephen Harrod Buhner

The Transformational Power of Fasting: The Way to Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional Rejuvenation – Stephen    Harrod Buhner

Sacred Plant Medicine:  Explorations in Indigenous Herbalism – Stephen Harrod Buhner

One Spirit Many Peoples:  A Manifesto for Earth Spirituality – Stephen Harrod Buhner

The Lost Language of Plants: The Ecological Importance of Plant Medicines for Life on Earth – Stephen Harrod Buhner

Secret Teachings Of Plants: The Intelligence of the Heart in the Direct Perception of Nature – Stephen Harrod Buhner

Plant Spirit Healing: A Guide to Working with Plant Consciousness – Pam Montgomery

Partner Earth – Pam Montgomery

Plant Spirit Medicine: The Healing Power of Plants – Eliot Cowan

The Secret Life of Plants – Peter Tompkins

One River: Explorations and Discoveries in the Amazon Rain Forest – Wade Davis

The Wayfinders – Why ancient wisdom matters in the modern world – Wade Davis

Wild: An Elementary Journey – Jay Griffith

The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight – Thom Hartmann

The Prophets Way – Thom Hartmann


Useful Links

Ayahuasca: Home of the Great Amazonian Medicine

Steve Beyer’s Great Blog

The Foundation of Shamanic Studies

Erowid; Documenting the Complex Relationship Between Humans and Psychoactives

Waking Times

Reality Sandwich




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