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Santuario Huishtin
Maestro Santiago Enrrique Paredes Melendez and his wife and curandera, Ayme Vargas


Below you will find information about reserving your plant medicine retreat at Santuario Huishtin. Please read carefully. There are links to the registration page and waiver forms, which need to be filled and signed. Please note than everyone who will come to Santuario needs to register individually with their registration fee and forms. Once your registration is complete, you will be guided in completing your retreat payment (details below).


RETREAT RATE: 250 Peruvian Soles (approx. $77 USD per day) (includes all medicines, ceremonies, food, and accommodation at the center).

REGISTRATION FEE: $115 USD Per Person.** 


Register For Your Retreat:

Once clicking the link in blue below, a page will open where you will be able to complete your registration forms and registration fee with Paypal. Don’t forget to read the Information Sheet and Waiver/Release Form (also in the link and drop-down menu).



Ready to Pay Your Balance?

Retreat Payment

Cancellation: The $115 Registration fee is a one time non-refundable payment that must be paid by each person reserving a retreat. This is not a deposit on the nightly rate but a part of the overall retreat cost. However, retreat registration fees and retreat deposits are transferable to a future retreat. All rates at Santuario are non-negotiable except in circumstances of longer stays (more than a month). Please note that Santuario reserves the right to cancel a retreat. In such cases, deposits and registration fees will be refunded.

Retreat Planning

Ayahuasca Ceremonies: M-W-F (Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays) @ 8pm

Many will want to reserve their retreat according to our ceremony schedule. If so, it is recommended that you reserve for a Monday or Wednesday morning (before 11am) to begin your retreat and plan to return either on a Thursday or Saturday afternoon (no sooner than 3:00 pm). There can often be delays en route due to road conditions. Please note there are no ayahuasca ceremonies during the weekends though plant medicines will still be administered. The maestro prefers you to book at least two weeks in advance if possible. If you contact us a week before, we will try to complete your reservation but there will be the chance of possible delays as communication takes time in the jungle.

Travel and Guide Services – Important!

Santuario is situated in the rainforest on private land and is not accessible by road.  The journey to Santuario is approximately 4.5 hours depending on travel conditions. We work with an independent guide and translation service that will meet you at Pucallpa airport and bring you to Santuario and back again in time for your departure flight.  You are responsible to pay for your guide services and translation fees. Please check out the Travel and Translation page for important information about guide and translation services rates as well as details essential to your trip planning.

**Note: Returning visitors to Santuario do not need to re-pay the registration fee but registration forms still need to be completed and arrival dates confirmed with travel itineraries. 

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