Santuario Huishtin Information Sheet

Important Information


Please read carefully all the following information:

If it is your intention to work with Amazonian plant medicines, It is highly recommended that you acquire a health examination with a medical doctor to determine any possible risks for you own protection.  It is also your responsibility to alert healers or representatives to any existing health conditions prior to traveling and when arriving at Santuario Huistin or participating in any organized tours with partner organizations (such as Arkana Peru).

If you are taking any prescription medications, you must cease taking them at least two weeks before participating in plant medicines ceremonies.

Amazonian Plant Treatments at Santuario Huishtin are NOT recommended for the following:

  • If you have a heart condition or another serious condition that could be aggravated by working with plant medicines– or are in an advanced stage of a terminal illness.
  • If you have a serious mental illness or psychological condition.
  • If you have any highly infectious disease that can be passed to others.
  • For recreational purposes: Amazonian medicines are powerful healing agents. Serious intent is required to work with these medicines; they can seriously affect your mind and body.  Care and proper respect must be taken before using Amazonian plant medicines.

**Please inquire if you have any illnesses or conditions and are uncertain about the appropriateness of working with Amazonian plant medicines at the center.

Your Expectations working with Amazonian Plant Medicines

Amazonian plant medicines must be considered “experimental” insofar there have been no long-term medical studies conducted on most of these medicines. Though these powerful medicines have been used for thousands of years by indigenous people, for people outside of the Amazon, they are relatively new.  What is generally accepted is that Amazonian medicines are participatory in that they work in tandem with your intent and seriousness to heal.  Special attention must be made to your intentions and diet while preparing for, taking, and completing your post “dieta” (post-diet) with Amazonian plant medicines.  Also important is to understand that some Amazonian plants can be potentially toxic and do long term damage if taken too much or in the incorrect dosage. It is your responsibility to ensure you understand the risks of working with Amazonian medicines. It is a good idea to see a doctor after a dieta to determine any potential ill effects.

Please note that healers are there to facilitate your healing process with their experience and knowledge but in the end you must make the best informed decision.  Amazonian plant medicines must also be seen as complimentary to an overall healing plan.  Please do not cease consultations with health professionals at home. As with any successful treatment plan, a serious long-term commitment to healing must take place on your on your part to resolve most health conditions. 

While at Santuario Huistin/Arkana Peru.

It is forbidden to bring any alcohol, drugs, or participate in any inappropriate activity that may upset others or compromise the work being done at the centre. Please be respectful of others’ healing processes and desire for peace and privacy. Working with the medicine, people may feel in a sensitized state and have a need for solitude.  No music or late night gatherings.

On the Grounds

Please be careful while on the grounds of the healing center– with special attention to the thermal river and volcanic area (stay at a safe distance–do NOT climb out on the rocks). It also not recommended to take walks on your own in the jungle.  Be sure to wear boots at all times while crossing the river and outside of the center as there are snakes and biting insects. Be please vigilant in all places at the center for these visitors.  Do not leave the maloca (ceremonial round house) during ceremony unless to go to the washroom or with the guidance of a helper.  Santuario Huishtin/ takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to your belongings. Please be respectful to all persons working at the center.

Taking Amazonian Plant Medicines Home

If you wish to take Amazonian plant medicines home with you and out of the country (or have them mailed to you), this is possible–but you do so at your own risk.  Santuario Huishtin/ likewise takes no responsibilities for any losses/issues encountered in the mailing or exporting of Amazonian plant medicines.

For Your Own Security

Please alert your relatives to your whereabouts while on retreat and provide a photocopy of your passport and banking information to your relatives (if desired) for your own security.  Please take care to protect your money and possessions while traveling in Peru.

It essential that you inform yourself through your own personal research with the risks and benefits of working with Amazonian plant medicines prior to considering working with them.  As you are responsible for your own health and well-being, be sure to well-informed before you make important decisions regarding your health and safety.  It is highly recommended that you have a consultation with a qualified experienced person if you have the opportunity, particularly if it is your first time working with the Amazonian medicines.



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