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Sanctuary of Starlight

Santuario Huishtin is an authentic Ayahuasca and traditional plant medicine center owned and operated by Maestro vegetalista (plant spirit shaman) Santiago Enrrique Paredes Melendez and family. Based approximately three hours outside of the Upper Amazonian city of Pucallpa in Peru and off the Pachitea river, Santuario is situated on a highly unique thermal river in a peaceful enclave of virgin rainforest. Here, Santuario is dedicated to the sacred healing path of the plant spirits and to those who come and sincerely seek positive change and renewal in their lives. Santuario is also committed to preserving the rapidly disappearing indigenous healing traditions  the natural ecology of the rainforest that is daily under threat of destruction by deforestation and mining. The key to total health of the self and the planet resides in these sacred spaces, to the connection to these ancient practices, medicines, and the primordial vision of an ensouled, interconnected world.

Maestro Santiago Enrrique, his wife Ayme, his brothers, and family all work with Madre Ayahuasca and the many other powerful plant spirit medicines of the jungle that all come with their own unique gifts of healing.  Traditional dietas with Ayahuasca and the many other powerful teacher plants of the jungle all heal in their own mysterious ways, allowing visitors to heal from past traumas and break through their personal limitations. They cleanse and detoxify the physical body and release blockages in the emotional and spiritual Self, allowing the potential for deep realizations and higher states of consciousness and being.

Why come to Santuario?

Santuario is a magical place. The air alone in the rainforest has the power to rejuvenate and energize. It is an intensely healing space, one that is necessary to do this important work.  The maestro and family have a long experience of working with Amazonian plant medicines and work and can prescribe treatment plans, depending on the needs of the individual. If embarking on a treatment plan, it is essential that you dedicate the necessary time, space, and intention to this healing work if it is to achieve the required goal. A personal retreat at Santuario is an ideal environment to embark on shorter or longer term work with the medicine.

It is not a secret that in recent years there been a surge of people coming to Peru to work with Ayahuasca from other parts of the world, particularly to the city of Iquitos where Ayahuasca has become big business. As a result, there has been a rapid commercialization of Ayahuasca and a proliferation of  new “Ayahuasca centers,” some packing in thousands of tourists every year. Ceremonies are often overcrowded and overpriced with a resulting loss of integrity to the overall healing practices. Santuario is a small traditional center that fosters an intimate, peaceful, and safe environment. Ceremonies are small in attendance and fees modest in comparison, making the medicine accessible to all. Visitors are encouraged to heal in peace and solitude, connecting to the spirits of the rainforest like shamans have done for thousands of years.  There are no structured classes or group circles at Santuario, only the power of the medicine and nature. Food follows the traditional regimen of the shamanic dieta. 

In summary, Santuario is perfectly suited to the independent traveler who is looking for an authentic experience working with pure and powerful medicine in a magical environment. Please note that at Santuario, Spanish is spoken by most people working there. We have translators available at a reasonable rate.


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