Shamanic Apprenticeships

Shamanic Apprenticeships

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The ancient Amazonian shamanic initiation practice of withdrawing into the rainforest to learn and be tested by the spirits of rainforest is alive at Santuario!  There is no more magical place on Earth in which to do a shamanic apprenticeship. The ambiance of the boiling river, the Shanay timpiska, and the surrounding primeval rainforest provides the ideal setting for longer term concentration with the plant teachers. Here at Santuario, a shamanic apprenticeship involves a three month commitment to the Medicine. During this time, under the experienced tutelage of maestro shaman, Santiago Enrrique Paredes Melendez and his assistants, you will embark on a series of “dietas” with powerful teacher plants. Time is spent both at the centre, attending ayahuasca ceremonies, and in isolation in the rainforest, in “tambo.”

During a shamanic apprenticeship, you will also learn the fascinating practices of “vegetalismo” or plant spirit shamanism such as the songs or icaros of the plant spirits, how to prepare banos floricimientos (floral baths), and how to work with mapacho tobacco. You will also come to recognize many medicinal plants and trees and observe their preparation. By the end of a shamanic apprenticeship, it is expected that you will have received the energy and protection of the plant spirits and learned how to work with these energies and can hold your ground in ceremony.  

This is a challenging programme that requires dedication and inner focus, but one that brings with it unimagined rewards. After your apprenticeship, besides everything you have learned, you also will have experienced a profound awareness of self and connection to the planet, as well as have received untold gifts!

Rates:  115 USD registration + 77 USD per day for three months.  Register

The pricing for Shamanic Apprenticeships include all medicines, ceremonies, food and accommodation. Discounts are available for those paying in advance for the three months. 


Intensive Shamanic Apprenticeships in Curanderismo

More intensive shamanic apprenticeships in curanderismo (Amazonian traditional plant medicine) are also possible with a concentrated focus on learning how to become a doctor, how to recognize, prepare, and administer Amazonian traditional plant medicines for a range of illnesses.  This involves more one-on-one work with the maestro and can run anywhere from three months to a year in length. Please inquire if you are interested in this programme for more information.

**For both programs, it is important that you have a working knowledge of Spanish.

Shamanic Apprenticeships at Santuario Huistin

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