Shipibo Conibo Art


shipibo conibo
Shipibo Conibo woman in San Francisco painting quene designs with incredible precision

The Shipibo Conibo                                  

 The city of Pucallpa and the Surrounding Ucayali river region are fast becoming known as one of the most culturally rich areas of Peru.  The region boasts the the vibrant indigenous art and design of the Shipibo Conibo people, a river dwelling people and the largest indigenous community of the area. They are also renown as shamans and their fascinating art and material culture is inspired by visions that they have received working with the visionary plant medicine, Ayahuasca. Some anthropological accounts have claimed these designs represent specific "icaros" or healing songs sung by shamans that are then interpreted by the Shipibo craftswomen in visual form. These highly distinctive designs are then embroidered on clothing and painted on tapestries and ceramics.

You will certainly meet Shipibo Conibo women, who are the master craftsmen, selling their wares in the area and their embroidery and painting makes excellent gifts or momentoes of your journey at Santuario and the area.

Shipibo conibo
Shipibo Conibo Master craftswoman Gloria Amusifuen demonstrating quene design to a group of visitors at Santuario Huishtin.


Shipibo Conibo
A highly distinctive "joni chomo" ceremonial pot from the studio of Goria Amusifuen and family.
shipibo embroidery 3
A stunning example of Shipibo Conibo embroidery with vibrant modern yarns, which can take sometimes weeks in the making. Earlier tapestries were embroidered with yarns coloured with vegetal dyes.
shipibo design
A Shipibo Conibo painted tapestry: the "quene" designs represent tracery seen in Ayahuasca visions.


shipibo pot
The ancient tradition of Shipibo Conibo slip-fired ceramics


shipibo beadwork
Modern Shipibo beadwork




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