Travel and Translation

Travel and Translation

Pachitea river
The journey to Santuario is all part of the adventure!

Getting Here

Visitors must first travel to the capital city of Lima and obtain a connecting flight to the Upper Amazon city of Pucallpa. The regional airlines Star Peru and Peruvian Airlines tend to offer the best value. Tickets can be bought online at the websites or at Lima airport at one of the airline desks but it is recommended you book well before hand to ensure your reservation. It is important that you arrive on the early flight in the morning to Pucallpa if you wish to get to Santuario the same day. The same is true returning to the airport after your retreat. Booking a later afternoon flight from Pucallpa to Lima is recommended.

**If it should be that you need to spend a night in Pucallpa, you may wish to stay at the Hotel Manish or Hotel Gavilanes. Both hotels have decent rooms, hot water, restaurant, laundry, and Internet and are in close proximity to most things in Pucallpa. For a more economical option, you can also visit the Sol de Mayo guesthouse in Yarina which is very well disposed to dieteros and offers home-made vegetarian meals.


Flights generally leave from Lima to Pucallpa first thing in the morning which means you might need to spend the night in Lima if you arrive later.  There are two hostels/guesthouses which we have used that are positioned close to the airport and are reliably friendly and helpful: Hostal Victor and Pay Purix.   Book early if traveling in the summer as it fills up fast.

Arriving in Pucallpa

Transportation and Guide Services going to and returning from Santuario:  120USD (all included) per person (deductions can be made for groups more than two people).

You will be met at the airport either one of guides and they will accompany you to Santuario in a truck especially suited for all terrain travel. They can stay at the centre overnight and be at your disposal (accompanying you in ceremony if you wish) and then returning to Pucallpa the next day. Then they will return to Santuario to collect you and bring you the airport at the end of your retreat. Be sure to give your guide your return date and flight departure time. Our guides are also interpreters so if you wish to share any specific information with the maestro or need further translation services, please communicate this to your guide en route so they can assist you when you arrive at Santuario.

Translation: 120 PNS per day.** (Deductions are made for groups).

Santuario is a fully authentic native run traditional healing centre.   Often people also spend their time at Santuario refining their Spanish skills but if you have little to zero Spanish, it is advisable to have a translator at least for the first day or two. Our guides are  translators and can stay on with you at your request after they deliver you to Santuario.

The Journey to Santuario

The journey to Santuario itself is all part of the magical adventure. Situated both off road and off the grid on private lands, and the journey involves a scenic 2.5 hour taxi ride down country roads (depending on road conditions), a 25 minute boat ride, and a rigorous 45 minute trek through virgin rainforest.  This walk can be challenging for some and there are a few steep hills. You need to be in reasonable physical condition to do this walk.  Please make sure you have brought water for the walk and a sun hat and boots in case it is muddy (rubber boots can be purchased in a market in Pucallpa for about $10USD).

The Pachitea river, a place of deep tranquility and natural beauty.

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