Twelve Day Visionary Medicine Retreat with Mucura


Twelve Day Visionary Medicine Retreat with Mucura

Experience A Dieta with Mucura in One of the Most Magical Settings on the Planet!

Our Twelve Day Medicine Retreats combine a dieta with a plant teacher with the power of the Ayahuasca vine. Experience deep healing and knowledge in twelve days with Mucura, a plant famous for its cleansing and strengthening properties to the mind and body.

Radical Self Condifence with Mucura (Petiveria Alliacea)

Known commonly “Anamu,”  Mucura (Mocura) is a plant that possesses a huge spectrum of actions from anti-inflammatory to antibacterial and antiviral to antidepressant and anti-anxiety medicine!  Medicine made from its roots is one of the most potent tonics in the rainforest for cleansing and removing the body of toxins that can lead to more serious illness. As a teacher plant, mucura can also help one to over come social anxiety and develop a stronger and more integrated sense of self! Mucura is a teacher that banishes negativity and strengths the mind and body while offering protection and self knowledge. Combined with ayahuasca ceremonies, they are a powerful duo!

Angela O'Hara
Mucura strengthen self confidence in social settings.

Amazonian Plant Teachers work in Mysterious Ways and the psycho-somatic effects of these plants are still not well understood. However, Mucura is rapidly gaining a reputation for a plant that strengthens self esteem and builds condidence in social settings.

After a twelve day dieta with Mucura not only will you experience a powerful cleansing, but you will feel stronger and more confident!

12 Day Mucura Visionary Medicine Retreat:  $1199 USD. 

Includes all medicines, ceremonies, food, and accommodations.

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Mucura is famous for its garlicky smell and taste, possessing sulphuric compounds that have healing properties that are still being explored by modern medicine. Mucura is prepared by scraping the soft out layer of the roots and combining with water to make a strong tonic.

Mucura: A Powerful Detox

Are you suffering from Candida overgrowth or persistent infections of the intestinal track? Mucura is excellent at cleaning the stomach, removing harmful parasites and bacteria, and strengthening the immune system! 

Check Rainforest Database for more detailed information about amazing Mucura:

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