Welcome to Santuario!


Preparing for Your Retreat

Welcome to Santuario!

Santuario Huishtin is a magical place in a unique and special environment unlike any other in the world. Following is a “cheat sheet,” addressing the most frequently asked questions with accompanying web links for you to follow to help you to prepare for your trip. Please make yourself aware of all the information on the website to be properly informed. 

Paying for the Balance of Your Retreat:

If you are booking a Flexible Retreat, will need to pay a 10% deposit of your nightly rate online through Paypal (using link below). Please note that the registration fee (115 USD) is not a deposit and is not deductible from your nightly rate. For Flexible Retreat or Programmed Retreats, you can pay the balance of your retreat by Western Union or cash on arrival at Santuario in Peruvian Nuevo Soles. There are many bank machines in Peru and USD can be changed in Pucallpa. Please follow this link for instructions: http://www.santuariohealing.com/retreat-payment/


Santuario offers flexible retreats but requires that you specify your dates before arrival. You may wish to extend your retreat while you are at Santuario. This is possible if it is only a couple of days.(in which case you can pay directly at Santuario). For larger extensions (a week or more) this must be confirmed. Requests for extensions must be made online with your facilitator and confirmed by the maestro. This can be done are the nearby village of Honoria or in Pucallpa. Please alert us in advance of your departure if you may want an extension.

Creative Fire Retreat Coaching:

Want to emotionally prepare and maximize the healing potential of your retreat? Want to express your true creative potential? Personal online shamanic coaching sessions with Angela O’Hara dramatically accelerate and deepen the healing process both in preparation for a retreat or while in the integration process. Do the smart thing and get coached by someone who understands the process before delving into the unknown! Angela works with a sliding scale to ensure coaching is available to all. http://www.santuariohealing.com/creative-fire-retreat-coaching/

Guides and Translation:

Santuario is situated in the rainforest on private lands and is not inaccessible by road. We work with a specialized guide/translator service. A guide can meet you at the airport in Pucallpa on your scheduled time of arrival. There is a $120 USD fee for the guide per person (includes both ways). Some deduction may be given for more than one person traveling together. Your guide speaks English and is available to stay on with you for translation service. Please confirm with your guide your travel information and any other important information related to your retreat and well being (health conditions, dietary requirements). For more information on booking your flight, travel to the site and guide and translation rates: http://www.santuariohealing.com/travel-and-translation/

Journey to Santuario:

The journey to Santuario is about 4-5 hours depending on road conditions and includes a 1.5-2 hour drive on country roads, a 20 minute boat ride, and a 45 min walk through hilly terrain in the rainforest. Please ensure you are in good physical condition for this walk and do not rush.  Take frequent breaks. Bring water and a head covering as it can be hot.

Ayahuasca Diet:

Please begin simplifying your diet at least two weeks before your retreat date. Please consult this link for suggestions on dietary suggestions. http://www.santuariohealing.com/ayahuasca-diet/

What to Bring:

Boots, rain poncho, mosquito repellent, flashlight, battery pack or solar charger, water bottle are some essential items. There is no electricity, wifi, or cellular signal at Santuario. The closest access to Internet and electricity is in nearby village, Honoria. There is some phone signal on the walk to Santuario. Please check link for a list of what and how to pack. http://www.santuariohealing.com/what-to-bring/


We cannot advise directly regarding inoculations but Santuario is a strong malarial zone. However, during the rainy reason, dengue fever can be present. Many governments require you take Yellow Fever shots. Please consult with your travel doctor.

Food and Accommodations:

The food is extremely simple following the Ayahuasca Diet regimen and is mostly vegetarian. There are some eggs served and occasionally fish. Everyone is provided with their own personal room, bed, and mosquito net. There are proper toilets. Shower water is collected directly from the boiling river.


The family at Santuario drink the water directly from the boiling river as well as use it for bathing and cooking. It is recommended that you bring a water bottle with a filter as the purity of the river water can not be guaranteed. An excellent water bottle filter is Life Straw.

Working with Amazonian Plants:

Amazonian plants are powerful healing agents but must be considered experimental and used as part of an overall healing plan. It is your responsibility to do your own research to discover the full benefits and potential risks of working with these plants.

Pre-existing conditions:

Ayahuasca and Amazonian plant medicines can exacerbate certain health conditions. Please refer to the following link for your own protection and make us aware of any preexisting health conditions you have. http://www.santuariohealing.com/medical-concerns-conditions/

Ayahuasca Ceremony Time and Location:

Ayahuasca ceremonies take place at 8pm in “maloca” (ceremonial round house). The ceremony lasts approximately 4 hours. It is recommended that you begin with a half cup of Ayahuasca to test the medicine in your first ceremony. Please DO NOT leave the ceremony before it has ended unless to go to the bathroom. The maestro works with assistants there to ensure you have a safe experience. 

Post Ceremony:

The maestro will suggest what you need to do regarding your post-dieta. It is important that you stay with this diet for your own well being. It is recommended that you visit with your doctor and integration coach to help your process your experience. Please note that integration is a huge part of the healing experience. http://www.santuariohealing.com/creative-fire-retreat-coaching/

Precautions and Activity at the Centre:

Please be extremely careful around the boiling river. Do not walk out onto the rocks or take walks in the rainforest unattended. Always wear boots outside of the living spaces. Please respect others’ privacy and need for peace and solitude at the centre. Working with plant medicines is a sensitive affair. Playing music (wear headphones) and late night socializing is prohibited. Absolutely no illegal drugs or alcohol is allowed on premises.

Please be advised that your personal safety and the security of your belongings is your responsibility. Please inform a close family member or friend of your travel information.


We are working hard to achieve legal protection of these sacred lands and thermal river around Santuario Huishtin  and Arkana Peru. Please do not leave garbage on site and use ecologically friendly products. We welcome those interested in the conservation and protection of this site.


It can often rain and be wet, hot, and humid in the rainforest. In the winter, November – March, it can be very wet and roads can become flooded.  Please prepare accordingly. There will be mosquitoes! Rubber boots are a necessity.


Gifts are not expected but if you would like to bring gifts: tobacco, colouring books, flashlights, solar gadgets, games, and art supplies are particularly valued.


We are constantly working hard to improve services at Santuario so we would love to hear your thoughts!

If you think others would benefit from a retreat at Santuario, please leave your valuable feedback here with Retreat Guru or Tripadvisor!

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Have an Amazing Trip!!

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