What is included

What is Included?

The daily rates at Santuario include all medicines, ceremonies, food, and accommodation at the center. The total sum of the day rate must be paid directly to Maestro Enrrique Santiago Melendez (IN FULL) when you arrive at Santuario. Peruvian soles are preferred.  Important–money needs to be withdrawn before traveling to Honoria, as there are no banks or ATMs in this small port town.  There are many ATMS in Pucallpa as well as Western Union offices. However, note that for some reason, international connection in ATMs seem to be impaired after 12:00 pm in the afternoon in Pucallpa. The best practise is to withdraw funds at the airport or in Lima to avoid issues.***

Ceremonies run M-W-F (Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays). You may wish to reserve your retreat accordingly if you are looking to fit in a specific amount of  ceremonies. Retreats are flexible in length. There are usually no ceremonies during the weekend. In the interim ,you will be taking other plant medicines depending on what the maestro deems best. Please note that the maestro prefers you to book at least two weeks in advance. We do not take last minute bookings. **If you contact us a week before, we will try to complete your reservation but there will be the chance of possible delays as communication takes time in the jungle.

***Please note that your retreat can not commence without payment in full when you arrive as there have been too many issues around non-payment due to banking problems, etc. It isessential that  you have all of your funds ready to present to the maestro when you arrive.


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