What to Bring

What to Bring

Pack for a warm humid environment.  Keep clothing, books, and electronics prone to damage by humidity in large plastic zip-lock bags. Lightweight clothing that covers all of the skin is advisable to protect yourself from mosquitoes. However it can also be a bit chilly in the evening, so bring a jacket.  There are lots of lovely children at Santuario, so if you can bring some toys, art supplies, or even second hand clothing, they’ll be much appreciated. Colouring books, coloured pencils/markers, and puzzles and games are particularly prized. The adults appreciate gifts of hats, T-shirts, healing crystals, natural soaps, flashlights, lighters, solar powered devices and mapacho (jungle tobacco which can be purchased in Honoria and Pucallpa).

kids and Zein at Santuario Huistin
The kids at Santuario: Muñe, Harmony, Paulina, Zein (and little Enrriquito in the back), 2014.

For more detailed information, check out the:  The Ultimate Peru Packing List.

Suggested Items

  • Rubber boots (can be purchased for 25 soles in the market in Pucallpa or in Honoria)
  • SOCKS (to go with rubber boots, bring extra)
  • Mosquito repellent. Check out this link for ideas for natural repellents. 
  • Hydrocortisone cream (very effective on mosquito bites)
  • Personal First Aid kit
  • Small back-pack/day pack.
  • A personal filtration bottle like Lifestraw or filtration device like Steripen.
  • Feminine hygeine products (if you’re a girl!)
  • Towel
  • Water bottle
  • Flashlight or headlamp and or/small camping light.
  • Lightweight or dry fit clothes that cover all the body (mosquitoes can be fierce after sun down).
  • yoga pants or sweat pants.
  • Shorts, T-shirts, hoodie/sweater.
  • Light rain jacket or poncho.
  • Ecological shampoo and soap.
  • Notebook to capture your process, pens, art supplies, books
  • Camera with extra batteries and memory chips
  • Backpack
  • Walking shoes if desired.
  • Swimsuit
  • Flip-flops/sandals
  • Lightweight cover or sleeping bag.
  • Sun hat and sun glasses.
  • Any objects that will comfort you in your process (smudge/personal mesa/altar, etc)
  • If you have a pillow or head support you’re fond of, bring that with you.
  • An extra 200 PEN for contingencies (emergency expenses)**

***Sometimes visits are made by indigenous Shipiba craftswomen pedalling their colourful and distinctive quene embroidery. You may wish to bring a little extra to purchase these unique souvenirs or as gifts for friends and family back home.

santuario huistin

What not to bring:

  • Black clothing (mosquitos love black for some reason.)
  • Tight or overly revealing clothing.
  • Laptop (where are you going to plug it in?)
  • Radio, hair dryer, electrical devices, etc.
  • Anything that could be damaged easily by humidity
  • Jewelry (it can be lost easily in the rainforest)
  • Food in your suitcase (The cockroaches WILL find it).





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